Big surprise: Telecommunications run America

In the New York Times' article "Pay at the Top", compensation research firm Equilar took data on the top 200 companies CEO's salaries and displayed them in a "Here's the data, now draw whatever conclusions you may."

Well, my initial surpise was how much telecommunications giants like Viacom, Direct TV and Disney out spent the CEOs at oil companies. Which has brought me to the conclusion I've long held:


Other observations:

The first woman to pop up on the list is 27 CEOs down - Susan Ivey at Reynold's American (the snuff company).

The first person of color on the list is 30 CEOS down - Kenneth I. Chenault at American Express.

There were only 7 people of color, 7 women and 2 women of color on the list. That's way worse than congress.