Clean Elections: Bloodied but Unbowed

The sky hasn’t fallen quite yet, but it is in poor repair.

It’s tortured metaphor day. I just declared it.

You all have, no doubt, read the articles claiming that the US Supreme Court “struck down” Arizona’s Clean Elections system. They invalidated an important part of it, but the law still stays in place.

State Politics Cheat Sheet - 6/27/11

Having trouble keeping up with state politics? Have no fear! Here's a short run-down of some of the noteworthy legislation and issues being talked about in each of Progressive Majority's target states.

Nearly 100 rush to run for office

Almost 100 of our supporters signed up to run for office yesterday at the launch of our campaign!

In the coming months, they'll get our political team's expertise in campaigning to win. But we still need more to challenge incumbent conservatives in 2012.

Help us spread the word by asking your friends to run for office:

Or create a poster like ours to plaster on bulletin boards:

Virginia Attorney General encourages local churches to break Federal law

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the headline speaker at a breakfast event sponsored by the Virginia Christian Alliance. Cuccinelli encouraged pastors and ministers to stay involved in politics at the local and state level regardless of restrictions set in place by the Internal Revenue Service.  

Cuccinelli told church leaders :

Ohio State Senate votes to allow gas drilling at state parks


A new Oil and Gas Leasing Commission would oversee oil and natural gas exploration and drilling on state-owned land under the legislation passed today. 

The Oil and Gas Industry wants to drill and dig on any available land in the Ohio and Pennsylvania region for natural gas in order to turn a profit. Now, with the help of Ohio Republicans, the Oil and Gas industry will get their wish.

Pennsylvania State Senate passes more restrictions on abortion clinics


A controversial bill imposing stricter standards on abortion clinics in Pennsylvania cleared the state Senate Tuesday and now heads to the House, where its fate is uncertain.

By a vote of 38-12, the Senate passed legislation - prompted by a grand jury's report exposing horrific conditions at a Philadelphia abortion clinic - that would increase inspection, space, staffing, and other requirements for the 20 clinics operating throughout the state.

A woman's right to choose and why it's worth fighting for

Issues of reproductive freedom (or lack thereof) have been in the news this week in several states. The Ohio Senate tried to sneak a "Right to Life" amendment into their budget bill. The Alabama Congress approved a bill that will ban any abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. And the Iowa House of Representatives passed a ban on abortions after just 18 weeks of pregnancy. With all of this anti-choice legislation advancing through state houses, it's important to remember why we fight for a woman's right to choose, and why abortion bans are a threat to our fundamental rights and freedoms as Americans.

Quick update from Arizona: Recall of Senate President proceeding

Well, it hasn't received as much publicity as the Wisconsin recalls, but the organizers of the recall petition drive against Republican Russell Pearce, the president of the Arizona State Senate submitted four crates of petitions to the Arizona Secretary of State last week.

We The Party: Conservatives attack our basic rights

In 36 states, conservatives are rolling out voter suppression proposals that would disenfranchise more than half of all minorities and a third of voters over 65 in Wisconsin alone.

Here's a breakdown by states:

Presidents, governors, and senators get all the press, but the low-profile officeholders can cause real havoc, too

While high-profile, "top of the ballot" offices such as president, governor, senator and so on often receive huge amounts of public attention, the lower-profile, downballot offices that average voters don't care much about are the ones that can do the most good for, or inflict the most damage upon, society.

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