Quick update from Arizona: Recall of Senate President proceeding

Well, it hasn't received as much publicity as the Wisconsin recalls, but the organizers of the recall petition drive against Republican Russell Pearce, the president of the Arizona State Senate submitted four crates of petitions to the Arizona Secretary of State last week.

We The Party: Conservatives attack our basic rights

In 36 states, conservatives are rolling out voter suppression proposals that would disenfranchise more than half of all minorities and a third of voters over 65 in Wisconsin alone.

Here's a breakdown by states:

Presidents, governors, and senators get all the press, but the low-profile officeholders can cause real havoc, too

While high-profile, "top of the ballot" offices such as president, governor, senator and so on often receive huge amounts of public attention, the lower-profile, downballot offices that average voters don't care much about are the ones that can do the most good for, or inflict the most damage upon, society.

Nine Kinds of Pie: Those Who Can, Teach

Great post from Nine Kinds of Pie:

Colorado GOP Prepares to Play Victim Card on Congressional Redistricting

In Colorado we are entering the final 3 days of our annual legislative session, the first session in 10 years to feature a divided legislature with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans running the House. As we head into the final days of the session one major outstanding item remains on the agenda - Congressional redistricting.

Yesterday on Twitter I asked,

Pimeria Alta Dispatch: They Are Coming After Clean Elections...Again!

Let's start with the full disclosure: I ran as a Clean Elections candidate for state legislature in 2010, and I'm signed on as a plaintiff in the lawsuit that I am talking about.

Arizona: Well, at least it isn't boring here

Over the last few years, Arizona's two biggest exports have been some of the most misbegotten pieces of legislation since the Jim Crow era, and punchline material for late night comedians.

I've been covering Arizona politics, particularly the Arizona Legislature, for over five years now, and I can truly say that while the political tone in Arizona during that period could never be described as "moderate," the situation has deteriorated steadily.

Pimeria Alta Dispatch, 6 de Mayo, 2011

The folks here at Progressive Majority have asked me to keep all of you informed about some of the goings on here in Arizona. I come from the Southern part of the state. I note that because I’d rather not be associated with some of the characters from the Greater Phoenix area that have become the face of Arizona politics for the rest of you.

US House passes anti-abortion funding bill

Unbelievable. Sixteen Democrats broke with the party line to vote for HR3, an aggressive and sweeping legislation that prohibits tax-funded abortions. The final tally was 251 yays to 175 nays.

From Huffington Post:

Minnesota Conservatives: When you can't solve problems, create imaginary emergencies

As you know, Minnesota narrowly escaped the list of states that went "all red" in 2010. Even though both the state House and Senate flipped to Republican control, Democrat Mark Dayton won a close election for Governor. Through threat of his veto pen, he's been able to prevent the kind of attacks on the middle class that we've seen in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan -- until now.

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