Will Sylianteng

State Representative, District 151
Type of Seat: 
Not Elected
Woman Candidate: 
Person of Color: 
Person of Color
Under 35: 
Under 35

Will Sylianteng is running for State Representative in District 151. Will is an intelligent, articulate young candidate and if elected would become the first Asian-American state legislator ever elected to the Pennsylvania House. During his senior year of college, Will’s family lost their home due to foreclosure. Without a home, Will relied on the kindness of his friends (and the comfort of their couches) to provide food and a roof over his head for the remainder of his college career. In order to better himself and move on with his own life, Will - with only $200 in his pocket - decided to relocate to Philadelphia to attend Temple University School of Law. Unfortunately, Will did not qualify for enough school loans to cover the costs associated with attending Temple. Undeterred, Will went to school full-time in the day and worked nights and weekends at various stores in Center City. Will is frustrated with what’s coming out of Harrisburg thanks to the Republican majority. Will has always wanted to run for office and says people make excuses for not running due to the inconvenience, but with what came out of the legislature in 2011, Will knew he couldn’t wait any longer.