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Tuesday's results in Washington and Michigan

Tuesday was an important day for progressives in Washington and Michigan. Both states had their primaries, and we have some excellent news to report!

August online training schedule for progressive candidates!

People running for office (especially the first time) or working on a campaign often don’t know where to start, or need additional help in a particular area. That’s why Progressive Majority has developed an in-depth online training program on campaigns for progressives. Our training webinars will give you (or someone you know!) the skills you need to win. 

Every month we offer a new set of online webinars - some repeat regularly, and some are new every time. So please do check back at the beginning of every month to see what we have on tap.

More endorsements! Read more about our great candidates.

Progressive Majority is working to elect progressive champions to state-level offices around the country. So today we're excited to announce another great group of future leaders -- our June and July batches of candidate endorsements for 2012. Here's more about three of them:

What's the matter with Pennsylvania?

Since the 2010 election, Republicans have approved laws to restrict the right to vote in more than a dozen states. Much of this has been orchestrated by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which receives substantial funding from the Koch brothers.

July is hot! The 2012 Campaign season is even hotter!

Check out the upcoming trainings we have on tap for July, and learn best practices for campaign planning, voter contact strategies, messaging, and fundraising. Whether you are up and running now or planning to in a couple years, these sessions promise to teach you what you need to run winning campaigns.

On Tuesday in Colorado

On Tuesday Colorado held their primaries, and we have some great Progressive Majority news to share! Eva Henry, candidate for Adams County Commissioner and farm team member, won her primary with 60% of the vote (unofficial results). This is an open seat and this area is strongly Democratic, so her main race was Tuesday.

Our latest endorsements are out.

As you know, Progressive Majority is working to elect progressive champions to state-level offices around the country. As a part of that work, we recruit, identify and assist great progressives in running for office.

On Monday we emailed about Lisa Brown, a proud progressive who was censored on the floor of the Michigan House for daring to say "vagina". Today we're announcing our third and latest batch of candidate endorsements for 2012, more Lisa Browns running in campaigns across the country. Here's more about three of them:

We can't say the "V" word

What's the "V" word? We can’t say the word "Vagina" out loud, or we too might be banned from speaking on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives. This happened to farm team member and State Rep. Lisa Brown on Wednesday.

Her exact comment (on yet another anti-choice and anti-woman bill which the Republican-controlled house rammed through) was "Finally, Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no."1

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