We’re excited to announce 19 new endorsements for 2012 in California, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. These candidates are teachers, fire fighters, veterans and progressives just like you. They’re running to take the fight to conservatives in state legislatures to protect education, health care, workers’ rights and women’s health.

These candidates are in top targeted districts across the country and they’re already fighting conservative attacks. Contribute $5 today and help us provide training and support to these candidates.

Let me introduce you to a few of these great candidates:

Jennifer Williamson (Oregon) – Jennifer is running for State Representative in District 36. Jennifer was the first member of her family to graduate from college. She grew up in a union family as a reduced and free lunch kid and her family had to rely on food stamps many times. Jennifer put herself through college and understands the challenges that Oregon families face, because she’s lived them.
Teresa Scarmack (Ohio) – Teresa is running for State Senate in District 20. She taught for 23 years in the central Ohio area and tutored children with learning disabilities. She made phone calls and knocked on doors in neighborhoods across her county in the fight against SB5/Issue 2, because she knew the drastic consequences public employees faced if it became law. No one’s going to fight harder to protect education, then teachers like Teresa.

Contribute $5 today. With your contribution we can provide polling and targeting support to our candidates so they know they can turnout the voters they’ll need on Election Day.

Chris Dietz (Pennsylvania) – Chris is running for State Representative in District 104. He was laid off in 2008 and was without steady employment for over a year before his previous company rehired him. He knows how lucky he was to get his job back and is running to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to find quality employment. If elected in November, Chris will be the first elected openly gay legislator in Pennsylvania.
Cyrus Habib (Washington) – Cyrus is running for State Representative in District 48. Having lost his eyesight at age 8 to a rare form of childhood cancer, Cyrus has spent years advocating for the rights of the disabled, first in college and then as a law student and a lawyer. A staunch advocate for quality education and equal opportunity, Cyrus serves a Trustee of the Bellevue College Foundation and a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Bellevue.

Contribute $5 today and you’ll help us work with these campaigns to develop a message that will beat conservatives on Election Day.

Here are the other great candidates we’ve just endorsed. Click here to learn more about them.

Lisa Sprague – Leon County Sheriff

Tanyce Addison – State Senate, District 26
Jeff Bunck – State Representative, District 47
Cheryl Johncox– State Representative, District 86
Bill Young – State Representative, District 88

Beth Alois – State Representative, District 168
Steve McCarter – State Representative, 154

Eric Choiniere – State Representative, District 28 (Position 1)
Jeff Davis – State Representative, District 35 (Position 2)
Tim Farrell – Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer
Bob Hasegawa – State Senate, District 11
Helen Price Johnson – Island County Commissioner, District 1
Bruce Lachney – State Senate, District 2
Bud Sizemore – State Representative, District 47 (Position 1)

Walter Kawamoto – Twin Rivers Unified School District Trustee, Area 3

These candidates and others across the country already face conservative attacks. Contribute $5 today to help fight back.