Gov. Kasich blinks in Ohio

Ohio Gov. John Kasich just blinked and everyone saw it.  On Wednesday, Gov. Kasich said he wanted to come to a deal with public sector unions on his anti-worker bill SB 5, or as it’s now known, Issue 2 on the November ballot.  It certainly looks like the governor and his anti-worker allies are getting nervous and they should be.  The people of Ohio spoke loud and clear when they turned in 1.3 million signatures, more than four times they needed, for a repeal referendum on this bill.

“We’re glad that Governor Kasich and the other politicians who passed SB 5 are finally admitting this is a flawed bill,” said Melissa Fazekas from We Are Ohio.  She was also clear that the repeal of this bill is the only way to go; “These same politicians who passed this law could repeal it and not thwart the will of the people. They should either repeal the entire bill or support our efforts and encourage a no vote on Issue 2."

I don’t think this is as much about this being a flawed bill as it is about the governor running scared after seeing what just happened in Wisconsin.  It’s been clear, ever since this new wave of assaults were launched on workers earlier this year, that American workers aren’t going to take it lying down.  They fought back in Wisconsin and now they’re fighting back in Ohio and looking at Gov. Kasich, it’s clear that the workers now hold the advantage.