How will Obama's tax-cut deal affect your state?

Obama announced last week that he negotiated a hostage deal with Republicans over the Bush tax-cuts and looming cut-off of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

However, Democrats have been vowing to overturn the legislation because it extends the tax-cut for the wealthiest two percent.

According to Howard Dean, both parties are ignoring one crucial element. He had this to say on "Face the Nation" this Sunday:

"It does nothing about this biggest long-term threat to America, which is the deficit. I don't hear Republicans or Democrats talking about the deficit. There is no pain in this agreement. This is the easy way out for everybody, much as everybody is complaining, hooting and hollering, this is an inside-the-beltway fuss and somebody needs to do something about the long-term problems to this country. It is not in this bill."

The tax-cut is a national legislation, but how do you think it will affect you and your state? How is unemployment insurance helping you or your friends? Do you think the tax-cuts will boost your local economy?