Let's Unite Our Voices!

Progressive Majority and Grassrooting Productions are launching a grassroots project that will bring the next generation of inspiring and hopeful protest songs!

We're calling it The Nation Sings because this movement is about you!

The labor fights in Wisconsin and across the country, have proven that we need to unite our voices to get our freedoms back. We're launching this campaign to put the microphone back in your hands.

So send us your beats, tunes, lyrics, photos or full-fledge protest songs! When you do, other folks will use your work to riff or create a whole new work.

We've got it all laid out on our project website: http://thenationsings.com.

You can also contribute to our five Progressive Champions that are up for election on August 8th and 16th. The races are still tight and they need as much as help as they can get to pull them through to a victory.

Let's unite our voices and start a revolution!