Ohio: Next for Gay Marriage?

No, Ohio is not going to exchange rings with California.

On Thursday, the Ohio Ballot Board approved language on a proposed constitutional amendment to allow same sex marriage. Now, Ohio’s Freedom to Marry Coalition just has to get the 385,253 signatures needed to get the amendment on the ballot. They are shooting for November 2013.

The initiative would repeal Ohio’s 2004 constitutional amendment that banned gay marriage, civil unions, and prohibited government benefits from being extended to unmarried couples. 62% of Ohioans voted to ban gay marriage in 2004, so it may be a tough road for the” Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom” initiative.

Many people that vote against equality amendments do so because they are afraid that their churches (synagogues, etc) will be forced to perform gay marriages.The wording of the proposed bill leaves no room for these misconceptions.

Clear enough for you, naysayers of equality? A similar strategic religious exemption was used to pass the 2011 same-sex marriage bill through a divided New York house. There will be tough opposition, but a majority of Americans now favor legal gay marriage. You could even say that there is now a PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY on the issue. You can do it Ohio.