Ohio State Senate votes to allow gas drilling at state parks

From cleveland.com

A new Oil and Gas Leasing Commission would oversee oil and natural gas exploration and drilling on state-owned land under the legislation passed today. 

The Oil and Gas Industry wants to drill and dig on any available land in the Ohio and Pennsylvania region for natural gas in order to turn a profit. Now, with the help of Ohio Republicans, the Oil and Gas industry will get their wish.

The conservative dominated Ohio State Senate voted to allow the gas industry to drill at state parks for natural gas. Republican Governor John Kasich is in favor of the measure and is expected to sign off on the lease agreement. The drilling will undoubtedly tamper with the parks natural beauty and will cause unforeseen effects to the environment.

Drilling is done through an untested process know as “Hydraulic Fracturing.” In other words, companies dig a few thousand feet underground and fill the earth with hazardous chemicals in order to blow up rocks that contain gas. There is a great risk of the hazardous chemicals seeping into the water and thus affecting our drinking supply and rivers.

We must stop allowing big business to mess with the environment. It is important that we take back Ohio by electing true progressives in upcoming elections.