Pennsylvania State Senate passes more restrictions on abortion clinics


A controversial bill imposing stricter standards on abortion clinics in Pennsylvania cleared the state Senate Tuesday and now heads to the House, where its fate is uncertain.

By a vote of 38-12, the Senate passed legislation - prompted by a grand jury's report exposing horrific conditions at a Philadelphia abortion clinic - that would increase inspection, space, staffing, and other requirements for the 20 clinics operating throughout the state.

These restrictions are part of a new conservative strategy to make it impossible for abortion clinics to keep their doors open. Conservatives want to "upgrade" them to ambulatory surgical treatment centers, which would require major remodeling.

Already, only 18% of Pennsylvania's counties have abortion providers; this new bill would effectively close down all but two clinics.

What's being labeled as extra safety measures to protect women is actually a creeping agenda to eliminate a woman's reproductive freedom. 

And lastly - Crackdown on abortion clinics clears Pa. Senate?, you make it seem as though abortion clinics were pot growers or brothels. Watch the language.

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