Progressive Majority Wants You to Run for Office

Progressive Majority is launching the largest candidate recruitment campaign in the nation on June 22 to find strong progressives to oppose conservative elected officials in 2012 and beyond.

With a little more than 500 days away from the 2012 elections and the rapidly increasing number of conservative legislation flying through state legislatures, the imperative to find progressive candidates to run is that much higher. The walkout of six Wisconsin State Senators in March and midnight passage of Governor Scott Walker's budget bill that ended collective bargaining in the state was a turning point for progressives across the country. President of Progressive Majority, Gloria Totten, knew that progressives needed to do more than just recall conservative officials.

"Every progressive who has ever signed a petition, marched in a rally, held a sign, or lobbied their representative must also consider running for office.  It is our responsibility to take the next great step to serve in public office.  Even if you decide not to run, we need you to help recruit fellow progressives to run, and work to get them elected.  Either way, we must all contribute to electing progressives who will truly represent the people and fight for what is right," said Totten.

This nationwide search is a team effort. Included on their team are hundreds of grassroots recruiters being trained to identify and recruit potential progressive candidates in their community to run for office. Already, there are over 300 volunteer recruiters working with Progressive Majority.

To join the campaign, progressives should visit the Progressive Majority website and sign up to run for office or help recruit.

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