Seattle Times: State Senate passes annual $100 fee for electric cars





Apparently, if you want to help reduce CO2 in Washington by driving an electric car, you will have to pay $100 annually to offset lost revenues from gas taxes.

Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island told the Seattle Times:

Opponents argue that imposing a fee on electric cars discourages environmentally conscious drivers, but Haugen said electric-car owners ought to help pay to maintain the public highways they use. "We recognize they're an important part of the future, but it needs to help pay its fair share," Haugen said of electric cars.

This is the major rub with transportation costs: where do we get the money to pay for it all? In reality, these taxes and fees - like gas and vehicle registrations - only pay for just half of the cost to maintain the roads.

Which means that drivers of gas-guzzlers or hybrids alike already aren't paying their share.

Instead of imposing a weird tax and fee structure, why not bump up vehicle registration fees to actually cover the cost of maintaining roads?

Those fees could also go to building better public transportation and urban development so that those who can't afford a car and the registration can get around.

Just a few ideas, Washington.