Stand with unions!

Conservative attacks on unions and union members are spreading like wildfire across the states.  Ground zero is Wisconsin, where thousands of protestors are storming Madison to demand that conservatives back down – and at least ten more states are facing similar battles.Wisconsin lawmakers know they are on the front lines of a nationwide battle.  That’s why progressive elected officials are doing everything they can to stop Republicans from breaking the unions – including leaving the state to prevent a vote.   We need to support them, and we need to signal that we will not tolerate this union-busting in any state.

Please show your support to the brave lawmakers who are in the middle of this showdown and to the workers and their allies who are in Madison protesting against the attacks.  Please sign the petition below to show your support.  We will make sure the lawmakers know that you are with them.

Sign this petition now to show your support for our brothers and sisters in labor!  Let the nation know that you will not tolerate these attacks.