State Politics Cheat Sheet - 7/22/11

Heat wave, schmeat wave... nothing stops us from bringing you the latest news from our target states!

- Some Arizonans are angry at weathermen’s use of the word “haboob” (which means a thick dust storm) because they view the word as a Muslim infiltration into society. Is it just me or is that one of the most absurd things you’ve ever heard?

- Yesterday, the Colorado chapter of AFL-CIO released their legislative scorecard to the general public for the first time. No surprise that democrats scored higher on labor rights issues than republicans.

- Hard economic times mean staff cuts and salary cuts for employees of the Michigan state legislator. Member offices will be reduced in size by 13.9%.

- After their frustrating and debilitating experience with the recent three-week shutdown, Minnesota legislators are hoping to pass a new law saying that, in the future, the old budget can continue to operate until legislators agree on a new budget.

- Ohio’s notorious Senate Bill 5, a brutal anti-collective bargaining bill, will officially be put to a referendum on the November 8 ballot, and the AFL-CIO is determined to get the law repealed.

- Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature are at odds about the privatization of the currently state run liquor store system.

- Over the next two years, Virginia will be piloting a performance-pay incentive program for teachers in underachieving public schools. Teachers could earn up to $5,000 in bonuses.

- In Washington, owners of medical marijuana dispensaries are very confused as to what they can and cannot do under a new pot law that goes into effect today.

- Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling, the subject of an upcoming recall election, was recently discovered to be a very good friend to tobacco corporations, pushing legislation to help Big Tobacco get tax breaks and allow them to more easily market their products to children.


Speaking of Wisconsin, stay tuned next week for our exciting announcement of what we're doing to help bring attention to the Wisconsin recall elections!