Tuesday night

I'm sure you've heard: Tuesday night we got some bad news. Progressives worked so hard over the past year to shine a light on Scott Walker’s record and hold him accountable, yet we didn’t get the outcome we needed.
But this is not an end, it’s just another beginning. Despite GOP voter suppression efforts, it looks like Democrats took back the Wisconsin State Senate. John Lehman defeated Republican Van Wanggaard and gave Democrats a one seat majority in the Senate, a way to block Scott Walker’s dangerous agenda.
Now we need to protect our new one-seat majority. The biggest fight in Wisconsin now is for control of the Senate. There are four progressive leaders we're backing who need your help today:  Dave Hansen, Jessica King, Jennifer Shilling and Robert Wirch.
Can you please donate $10 to support these four Wisconsin candidates today as they prepare for another wave of GOP attacks this summer and fall? Every dollar you donate goes directly to these candidates to help them win in November.

Donate Now to Protect the Majority!


All four of these candidates have been in fierce battles with the GOP in Wisconsin. Jennifer Shilling and Jessica King defeated GOP incumbents in the historic recall elections last summer - their victories put Democrats within one seat of the majority and made it possible to flip control of the Senate on Tuesday. The GOP tried to recall Dave Hansen and Robert Wirch last summer, but they successfully fought back and won.
Now they're all up for election again in November in the toughest races in the state. They have been fighting for us, now we need to fight for them.  
The Republicans are emboldened because of Gov. Scott Walker’s victory. They are going to go after these progressives even harder this fall. And they will have millions in SuperPAC contributions behind them.
These progressives need your help to fight back. Can you please donate $10 today? Every dollar you donate will go directly to help these progressive candidates win in November.