Tuesday's results in Washington and Michigan

Tuesday was an important day for progressives in Washington and Michigan. Both states had their primaries, and we have some excellent news to report!

Noel Frame

In Washington our very own State Director Noel Frame won a great second-place finish in the top-two primary in a crowded field of seven candidates. Noel’s talent, commitment and determination proved invaluable as Deputy Campaign Manager of the Approve Referendum 71 campaign, the first-in-the-nation civil rights measure passed by a vote of the people for gay and lesbian families. Since 2010, Noel has worked to identify, recruit and elect hundreds of progressive candidates in her role as Washington State Director of Progressive Majority.

Noel ran a smart, effective campaign and received support from Progressive Majority including fundraising, phonebanks and emails to supporters. Noel faces a moderate Democrat in the November General Election for the 36th Legislative District. So Tuesday is just the first round for Noel, she needs your support to win in the fall.

Winnie Brinks

In Michigan, Roy Schmidt, a conservative Democrat, was the incumbent legislator for House District 76. At the last possible moment he switched parties to become a Republican, and conspired to recruit a fake Democrat to run in his place (so he would face no opposition).

First-time candidate and progressive Winnie Brinks stepped up and ran as a write-in candidate. She is a former school employee, active PTA member and proud parent of three daughters. Winnie is also a social worker at The Source, working with employees and businesses to retain jobs. With only one month of campaigning, she gained around 2,600 votes -- the original goal was to reach 1,000 votes. Winnie is a great candidate -- but she needs our help to defeat Roy Schmidt in November. This is our chance to replace a conservative turncoat with a true progressive!

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates that won primaries on Tuesday!
Noel Frame, State Representative, LD 36
June Robinson, Everett City Council
Rosemary McAuliffe, State Senator, LD 1
Helen Price-Johnson, Island County Commission
Drew Hansen, State Representative, LD 23
Derek Stanford, State Representative, LD 1
Bruce Lachney, State Senator, LD 2
Monica Stonier, State Representative, LD 17
Eric Choiniere, State Representative, LD 28
Kevin Ranker, State Senate, LD 40
Hans Dunshee, State Representative, LD 44

Our candidates in Washington, Michigan, and across the country need your help to win in November. Our trainings (like the campaign-focused webinars we announced just last week) and the services we offer candidates make the difference in elections. But we need YOU to help us support these candidates. The greater your support, the more we can do for Noel, Winnie and our whole farm team. Whether it be $5 or $500, please give generously today so we can see great progressives like Noel and Winnie in their state legislatures in 2013.