Washington election results are finalized!

Seattle - After three weeks of counting ballots, and three recounts in legislative races across the state, the final tallies are in!

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We’re pleased to report that 17 out of our 28 candidates won. That's a 60% win rate!

Among those candidates are the youngest legislator, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon; the first open lesbian legislator, Rep-Elect Laurie Jinkins; and Washington’s first Korean-American female legislator, Rep. Cindy Ryu.

Our efforts secured our hold on two open seats previously held by moderate Democrats in the suburban 1st district, and helped elect two outstanding progressives, Rep. Luis Moscoso and Rep-Elect Derek Stanford.

We fought a close race in Island County, where ultimately County Commissioner John Dean came up short by 283 votes. Similarly, we fought to pick up an open Republican seat, supporting Carol Gregory, but lost by 301 votes. State Senator Randy Gordon lost by just 192 votes.

In the State Senate, along with Randy Gordon, we lost progressive champions Eric Oemig and Claudia Kauffman. That said, we are happy to report that Nick Harper, who unseated moderate Democratic incumbent Jean Berkey in the Primary, won the General Election by more than 59%. While Democratic majorities did shrink, what remains is a smaller, more progressive majority. All told, the Democrats slipped from a 31-18 majority to 27-22 in the Senate. In the House, Democrats lost five seats, moving from a 61-37 majority to 56-42.

In a year when 19 legislative chambers across the country flipped control to the Republicans, we are proud to have helped maintain the Democratic majority in Washington state, and electing many progressive champions along the way.