We The Party: Conservatives attack our basic rights

In 36 states, conservatives are rolling out voter suppression proposals that would disenfranchise more than half of all minorities and a third of voters over 65 in Wisconsin alone.

Here's a breakdown by states:


Opponents of Republican Daryl Metcalfe’s Voter Suppression bill in Pennsylvania have argued that the law aims “to fix a problem we don’t have by exacerbating two problems we do have.” Those two problems are voter turnout and the budget deficit. The claim has been made that “11 percent of eligible voters don’t have official photo ID” in Pennsylvania, a striking number that the Brennan Center suggests is the case nationwide. “It stands to reason,” Philly.com continues, “that measures such as Metcalfe’s will only make things worse, especially for poor people, who are most likely to fall into this category.” We’ll get to the cost associated with the law in a moment.


Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has made a name for himself so far this term, speaking out in favor of working people and providing a budget proposal that was lauded for its ability to truly tackle Minnesota’s fiscal situation. The Governor is expected to veto a GOP Voter ID measure, but that measure has yet to reach his desk because of apparent violations of open meetings rules. Similar violations have been witnessed in Wisconsin. In Minnesota, “Rep. Ryan Winkler said leaders of the conference committee resolving two voter ID bills did not properly notify interested parties they were meeting last Saturday.” Sherri Knuth with the League of Women Voters said it was “abnormal” to amend the bill out of the public eye, though no conclusions have yet been made as to whether the foul play was devious or simply lazy.

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