What do the voters care about? Jobs

Our friends at Democracy Corps and the Campaign for America's Future are out today with some new research into the American electorate following the 2010 election, and their findings are quite intriguing. 

What's on the mind of the average voter? Health Care repeal? Former Governors of Alaska? 

Not exactly. 

As Democracy Corps puts it, "It's jobs, stupid."

From their poll:

Though respondents could choose two problems, just 25 percent say “the budget deficit is big 
and growing.”  While it is important, it is not their top concern. 
Just 17 percent think the priority for the new Congress should be repealing health care.  The Republican obsession with health care repeal does not correspond with the views of the voters.
Read the rest of the research here, complete with crosstabs and even more in-depth analysis.