What's the Matter With Arizona?

Progressive Majority State Treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny was asked by the national publication POLITICO to write in response to the question, "What's the Matter with Arizona?"

His insightful piece goes to prove what we've said all along - that bold, progressive ideals can and should win, even in the home of John McCain and one of the redist of red states.

Andrei writes:

"Baseball fans will remember the old saying that Willie Mays' glove was where triples go to die. Unfortunately, today the Arizona State Capitol is where ideas go to die. Arizona is a state of action and energy, but state government is sluggish and slow. Arizona is an innovative state, but our government is stuck in stale arguments over stagnant political theories."

And we agree! In Arizona, we have state government that's not just spending time arguing about the absurd immigration law, but on Barack Obama's birth, guns in bars, and other issues that don't create jobs, deliver health care, or improve education. Andrei calls it the "political equivalent of a market failure."

And this is exactly why Progressive Majority is proud to support candidates like Andrei Cherny. Candidates who are candidates of conviction. Candidates who are unafraid to take bold stands. And, candidates who will be the leaders of tomorrow - but who are on the ballot today.

I'd encourage you to read Andrei's entire piece.

And, I'd also encourage you to support Andrei's candidacy by going to his website and making a contribution. We need candidates like Andrei representing us in all levels of government - and Progressive Majority won't stop until they are.