This is why you elect Progressive Champions

Progressive Majority is in the business of electing what we call "progressive champions." We don't want to help elect someone that's going to flake out when it comes to crunch time. We want leaders that will fight across the board helping move our country forward. 

Let me tell you about Joe. 

Joe Fitzgibbon is one of our 2010 endorsed candidates here in Washington. He's worked in the legislature for the past 3 years, and I honestly don't think you'll find a State Representative more in tune with the issues thatn Joe. 

I was proud to see this great new legislator in a House Environment Committee grill coal-company executives on a bill to help clear up the air of Washington. You can read more about the whole hearing here with some great coverage from Publicola

Let's go to the tape:

The rest of the hearing on this key legislation is here. I'm glad Joe is in the legislature right now to keep fighting for all the issues we care about, but above all else: doing what's right.